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Relish Network

Brand Identity / Brand Strategy / Naming / Website Design

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects

My final capstone project was to create a complete brand identity for a modern eco network called, Relish. The assignment was expansive and was designed to mimic a real-world identity project encompassing various platforms, delivery methods and cover a multi-brand portfolio.

Relish logo variations

The logo is based on the five senses, layered on top of the other and acting as the building blocks of Relish’s visual identity. The circle in the mark encompasses the unity of the five senses, sustainability, and the brand’s program offerings.

Each sense reflects one of the five facets of the brand’s foci: food, travel, fashion/ beauty, lifestyle and home. These layers offer versatility to the brand’s systems and visual execution.

Relish logomark

The Relish microsite is a B2B marketing campaign used to inform potential collaborators, advertisers and stakeholders about Relish offerings and advertising opportunities. Viewers are guided through the site’s content by category using an interactive and intuitive platform.

The site uses a variety of media, including video from the network’s programs, interactive mockups and gifs to create an immersive, dynamic and enjoyable experience for viewers.

Relish Microsite Index
Relish Microsite, Homepage
Relish Microsite, page detail
Relish Identity in use

Alongside the brand’s identity, I was tasked with naming one of the network’s feature shows and creating a promotional image to accompany it.

Set the Table is an invitation to viewers to gather together and share stories, recipes, and meals from around the world.

The name reflects the energy and feel of the show and its audience. The colourful promo image uses illustration to communicate the show’s personality and vibrancy. It is based on 16th-century Dutch still-life paintings showing a bountiful table spread with food scraps left out - a joyful invitation to join in the festivities.

Relish Feature Show Promotional Image

Relish’s Instagram strategy hones in on why the audience visits social media: to be informed, to escape, and be inspired.

The direction was to “distract” people for positive change, creating content
and digital touchpoints to inspire while promoting the brand ethos and providing lifestyle programming to a social and engaged audience.

The feed and stories encourage creativity in living sustainably, all relating back to network programming. Categories break up the content to enhance engagement and make the platform a destination for inspiration.

Relish Instagram Feed
Relish Instagram post preview
Relish Instagram Story Mockup
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