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Skye's the Limit

Motion Graphics

After Effects, Illustrator, Fresco

Skye’s the Limit is a short film that follows a young woman’s journey toward self-acceptance and love. Finding it difficult to navigate life with an overly critical mother, Skye must determine her limits to find a path toward discovering her self-worth.


The opening title sequence blends illustrations with motion graphics to create a visual narrative around the main character’s mental and physical space. Skye still lives at home with her mother. Her personal space is limited to her bedroom, reflecting the tense relationship with her mother and her journey toward self-love and acceptance. Illustrated elements reflect those shown repeatedly in the film, the mirror, waffles, fairy lights and the ivy around the mirror. Animating these elements in the title sequence informs the viewer of the content within the film and is used to establish the film’s tone. As the film deals with a heavier theme, the titles needed to reflect that mood and to show the other more uplifting and socially aware side of the film, reflecting Skye’s journey to self-love, discovery and acceptance.

The chosen colour palette is based on elements within the film, the red lipstick, the green ivy, and Skye’s robe teal. The two contrasting typefaces in the opening credits are paired to create a visual hierarchy. The gestural typeface for the film title offers a relatable tone to the story, as Skye’s journey toward self-acceptance is a common theme. The main title is animated using lipstick to accent the title and symbolizes Skye’s act of self-care and love, dressing herself up to feel empowered and accept herself.

The mirror, which Skye often looks into, symbolizes self-perception and how others perceive her. It is shown in many scenes and creates a strong focal point for displaying the closing credits. Aligning the text to the mirror’s position creates visual interest. It contains the text in the mirror’s frame, further illustrating the confines of space and mind that Skye experiences.



Skye_mirror 2.png
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