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Motion Graphics

After Effects, Character Animator, Illustrator, Fresco, Procreate

This marketing campaign for Zero, noise-cancelling headphones, features a loose and organic illustrative style that connects with users in a playful and humorous way, communicating the brand message more organically. The campaign targets urban professionals under 45 who frequently work from home, in a shared workspace, or travel often.

Zero Character.png

A character and environment were designed to match an existing audio recording to market the headphones. The illustration style is fun and friendly. It contrasts with the often overused high-tech, edgy graphic style that dominates today's electronic market. The limited colour palette and distinct hand-drawn illustrations help distinguish the ad from competitors. The ad features a central character placed in a familiar environment, trying to work at a cafe, while background noises and a nearby dog barks incessantly, disrupting concentration. Humour is used throughout the animation to grab the viewer’s attention and maintain it throughout the ad. The character’s deadpan expression conveys his annoyance and frustration with the noise. Still, he remains relatable. Later, the character’s expression changes as he blissfully closes his eyes and sways to the music, again using humour to connect with the viewer.

Colour and contrast are used in the logo animation to create a visual hierarchy and centre the viewer’s focus on the brand name and memorable slogan. Motion graphics enhance the logo, mimicking the fluidity of sound emerging from a speaker as it appears on the screen from a circular shape that morphs into the brand logo. Colour again is used to distinguish the logo from the black background and centres the viewer’s focus on the brand name. The chosen typography is legible and distinct from the dark background.


Ambience Coffee Shop 5 - Jared Gibb/Pixabay

Finger Snap – SSPsurvival/Pixabay

Hip Hop Beat – Theo Teravaninen/Pixabay

Typing – Sonorious Genious/Pixabay

Dog Barking – Mehmet Faal/Pixabay

Character Audio – provided by Zero



ABC Ginto Ultra Italic, from Dinamo Type, used under trial license.

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